A box set for the new Armani Stronger with You perfume


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A box set for the new Armani Stronger with You perfume
A box set for the new Armani Stronger with You perfume

Stronger With You, the new Armani fragrance in a unique box

Stronger With You is the latest addition to the Armani house . This perfume for men is part of a duo. Thus, it celebrates the dialogue between two beings and the beginning of an unconditional and joyful love. Stronger With You embodies powerful feelings that make anything possible! He describes a love that is enlightened, luminous and acting as a formidable motor. It immediately makes you want to surpass yourself and see bigger, together. Today, Stronger With You returns in a new box set, once again displaying its contemporary, harmonious and optimistic breath.

The energizing scent of Stronger With You

Stronger With You is a lively and dynamic fragrance. It surprises with its originality and begins with very spicy top notes. It combines cardamom, pink berries and violet leaves. Thus, Stronger With You retains a strong dose of elegance. Its casualness shines through in a more aromatic sage-based heart. Stronger With You unleashes all the ardor of youth here. Finally, he ends up talking to us about sensuality in a very magnetic smoky vanilla trail.

The Stronger With You box set by Emporio Armani

All in sobriety, the Stronger With You box set fits perfectly with the image we have of the Armani house. Entirely tinted in an anthracite gray color, it is simply decorated with the name of this perfume in capital letters and very imposing on its front face. The Stronger With You box contains two products from the range: the Stronger With You 100 ml bottle and the 75 ml shower gel from the same range.

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