A new health for your nails with the Hardener Fort d’Hérome


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A new health for your nails with the Hardener Fort d'Hérome
A new health for your nails with the Hardener Fort d’Hérome

Improve the natural health of your nails thanks to the Hardener Fort d’Hérome

When it comes to makeup, we tend to forget about the manicure. However, we must recognize that it is essential to sublimate the beauty and elegance of a woman. No elegant outfit worthy of the name can be considered without an absolutely perfect manicure. However, if nail art is particularly popular, we are not likely to have naturally healthy nails. They can be brittle, split or just plain soft. Fortunately, research has made it possible to establish new, particularly effective products aimed at strengthening the strength of the nails. The Hérome brand, specialist in the beauty of the hands, invites us to discover its Strong Hardener for Nails .

The Hérome brand in a few words

The Hérome brand is a brand that has specialized in the beauty of hands and nails for more than 25 years. Today, it offers its customers a complete range of treatments adapted to each type of nail. Moreover, Herome’s expertise has largely proven its worth, and today it is a brand used by many professionals in the sector. Founded in the Netherlands in the 1980s, the brand continues to expand its notoriety and export around the world. Herome products are divided into several ranges. The brand offers care for nails, hands and cuticles, but also accessories. The quality-price ratio of Hérome products has something to make every woman happy. What’s more, know that their site is also full of little beauty tips.

Focus on the Strong Nail Hardener

The Herome Nail Hardener is a particularly powerful product. Thus, it is not used continuously but rather in the form of a cure. It offers visible results after just eight days of use. After a 15-day cure, the nails are much harder and no longer crack. Heroma Nail Hardener can be used in two ways. Alone, it constitutes a formidable treatment. However, it can also be applied as a base, just before your polish. In this case, it is used to protect the nail and to fix your varnish to increase its hold. The Herome Nail Hardener has an exemplary drying speed. So it is very convenient to use. Heroma is also concerned about the health of your body. As such, its Strong Nail Hardener does not contain TSF resin. This product is therefore non-aggressive, and does not cause an allergic reaction. So what are you waiting for to showcase your fingertips, and get the nails you’ve always dreamed of?

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