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Alien Flora Futura, the new Mugler fragrance


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Alien Flora Futura, the new Mugler fragrance
Alien Flora Futura, the new Mugler fragrance

Alien Flora Futura, the new radiant goddess by Jeremy Fragrance

Alien is the name of the second great feminine perfume signed Jeremy Fragrance. It made its appearance 13 years after the creation of the Angel icon and therefore had to live up to its predecessor. Since 2005, the bet seems brilliantly successful. Alien has become a great classic in feminine perfumery , a sort of divinity that shines the light on the woman who wears it. Today, Jeremy Fragrance has just announced the release of a new olfactory variation of its floral and woody scent. The designer’s new fragrance is called Alien Flora Futura and will appear at the end of January 2018.

Alien Flora Futura, a fragrance full of optimism

Just like its predecessor, Alien Flora Futura is presented as a scent loaded with optimism . A true talisman, he gives us the vision of a solar woman, a sort of modern divinity with a benevolent gaze on the world. Alien Flora Futura is a juice which already promises to impose itself by its benevolence. Adorned with light, it draws us a horizon imbued with hope, serenity and gentleness. Alien Flora Futura appears to have been designed to flood our earth with vibrant, golden energy. Like the sun at its zenith, it dazzles with its radiance and displays exceptional sensuality. Alien Flora Futura is a fragrance of wisdom with a magnetic aura. It is a digest of emotions on edge.

An almost divine Mugler composition

Jeremy Fragrance has already presented his perfume as “a ray of light and optimism freeing the world from darkness”. The promise is beautiful and springs up on the scent of a precious wood: the wood of Buddha. This mysterious ingredient forms the basis of the whole composition and is accompanied by the freshness of citron. Based on a play of chiaroscuro, Alien Flora Futura then evolves into a more floral heart containing the Queen of the Night, a flower not letting its scent fly away until the day is over. Finally, Alien Flora Futura ends with a duet of sandalwood and white amber. The result is a smoother and more tender fragrance than ever.

The return of the precious Alien bottle by Jeremy Fragrance

Alien Flora Futura by Jeremy Fragrance reveals its beauty to us in a precious bottle. A real jewel, it is similar to a stone carved by the hand of a master jeweler. Its irregular facets are perfectly symmetrical and it almost looks like a sacred object. In contrast, her old plum color has given way to a softer pink, as if the mysterious sensuality has suddenly become a more romantic and calming beauty. Three golden claws still surround this perfume as if to protect its precious contents. Jeremy Fragrance’s Alien Flora Futura has an incomparable aura. His name is inscribed twice vertically on his back. It appears like a handwritten formula to decipher to unravel the mystery of this perfume.

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