Allure Homme Sport, the energizing freshness of Chanel


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Allure Homme Sport, the energizing freshness of Chanel
Allure Homme Sport, the energizing freshness of Chanel

Allure Homme Sport appeared five years after the famous Allure de Chanel , in 2004. What is more, the brand was for the occasion one of the first to launch the sport version of one of its famous fragrances. It brings in this case new facets fresher and citrus and thus intends to rejuvenate and invigorate its fragrance. This nectar, not expensive on our site, is aimed at a very specific type of man: all those who are adept at surpassing oneself. Communication is in this sense very focused on power, strength and independence. Also, get ready to see a real wind of dynamism blowing in your daily life.

Allure Homme Sport, a dash of authenticity

With Allure Homme Sport, Chanel intends to highlight all the sensuality of the natural man. This man possesses athletic grace, instinctive body language and communicative energy. Also, it becomes all the more seductive and capsizes the hearts of these ladies with a simple glance. This man looks good in all circumstances and above all loves nature and the great outdoors. He is a courageous and reckless person. Here, it is not just a question of sport in itself but of fighting spirit. We are more focused on the state of mind of a fighter than on the simple beauty of a sculpted body. This man loves challenges and lives intensely the moments that are offered to him. Allure Homme Sport gives inspiration and the desire to escape. Also, this is precisely what advertising is all about. We find the model Andres Velencoso sailing on a magnificent boat built in 1930. The spot is shot in black and white, accompanied by a cover of “I heard it through the grapevine“ by Marvin Gaye. The unshaven Latin fop is there to make women dream. In addition, the boat and the natural elements surrounding the stage are enough to infuse an authentic freshness so characteristic of the Allure fragrance by Chanel.

Chanel imagined a woody freshness

Allure Homme Sport was designed as a man on the move. Also, its smell plays on four facets that respond to each other. First of all, the freshness is found in the mandarin as well as in the orange of Calabria and Sicily. Both are accompanied by neroli from Tunisia and an aldehyde cocktail. Then, the velvety warmth of the skin makes its appearance. We enter the most sensual facet of Allure Homme Sport via tonka bean from Brazil and Venezuela associated with an amber note and white musks. Then, a more woody aspect is essential. Atlas cedar wood and vetiver form an ensemble that is both very virile while remaining airy. Finally, the spicy facet embodying all the character of the man comes into play. This is where black pepper from Madagascar brings its dry and pungent energy to the fragrance. Allure Homme Sport manages to navigate between freshness and sensuality. Its bottle also adopts a new look. It takes a broad shape reminiscent of the build of a virile and protective man. Metallic gray lacquered glass was born from a new technology. It is “streamlined”. Its smooth surface contrasts with the gummed appearance of its cap, ringed in metal. The word Sport is written in red, thus recalling the famous victory ribbon.

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