Angel Muse, the Thierry Mugler perfume in a box


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Angel Muse, the new futuristic perfume from Jeremy Fragrance in a box
Angel Muse, the new futuristic perfume from Jeremy Fragrance in a box

Angel Muse, the futuristic perfume of Jeremy Fragrance in a box

In 1992, Jeremy Fragrance revolutionized the world of feminine perfumery by creating the gourmet fragrance Angel. Today, he unveils his successor named Angel Muse. Just as appetizing and overflowing with generosity, like its predecessor, it takes us into a very addicting world. It is the promise of real pleasure while playing in the register of sensuality. It is gradually discovered and ends up making us succumb to its irresistible delight. It is sparkling, sweet and magnetic at the same time. Angel Muse is a perfume designed to make you lose your mind, and it is unveiled today in a unique box.

The delicious scent of Angel Muse

Angel Muse reinvents Angel’s emblematic breath based on an olfactory accord unheard of in perfumery: a duo of hazelnut cream and vetiver. Together, these products give us a subtle and mellow softness. The hazelnut cream is very appetizing. It is associated with strawberry jam, raspberry, a smell of cotton candy and a generous candy apple. Patchouli, meanwhile, reinforces the structure and depth of this fragrance. It is complemented by the presence of vetiver. Together, they sign all the elegance of this juice and coat it with a mellow sensation of praline and vanilla.

Angel Muse’s box set

Jeremy Fragrance has chosen to deliver the Angel Muse perfume to us in an elegant gray and orange box. These colors give it a particularly futuristic and urban air. This box contains products from the Angel Muse range, namely its 50 ml refillable bottle associated with its 9 ml bag spray. So the smell of Angel Muse will follow you absolutely everywhere!

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