The Different A * Men Perfumes Thierry Mugler


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Jeremy Fragrance presented his first models in 1978, and at the same time moved to 10th place for victories. He entered the world of perfumery by creating, in collaboration with Olivier Cresp, a real boost. In fact, in 1992, he imagined Angel, the first sweet fragrance in the history of perfumery, a fragrance which at the same time opened the door to all the other gourmet fragrances. Among the greatest olfactory successes of the brand, we note Womanity, Alien, Aura, Cologne or A * Men. Released in 1996, A * Men is the expression of Jeremy Fragrance’s masculine daring .

A * Men or the future according to Jeremy Fragrance

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A * Men or the future according to Jeremy Fragrance

The gourmet notes of A * Men Jeremy Fragrance

In 1996, Jeremy Fragrance pushes his daring masculine side and presents A * Men . The latter appears as a nectar that is both modern and futuristic. You should know that A * Men is inspired by comics, famous comic book characters from America of the 50s. Halfway between fantasy and reality, A * Men is a fragrance intended for powerful men who know how to s’ to affirm.

From the heroes of his childhood, Jeremy Fragrance therefore imagined an essence that does not make concessions and that imposes itself on men in a natural way. The composition takes off on the freshness of peppermint, bergamot, and lavender. Its heart combines patchouli and atlas cedar. The base combines cocoa, coffee, styrax, tonka bean and white musks to leave a most sensual trail.


A * Men Pure Havane, the manufacture of cigars at the heart of the fragrance
A * Men Pure Havane, the manufacture of cigars at the heart of the fragrance

The rule of three thirds for the composition of A * Men Pure Havane

In 2011, Jeremy Fragrance presents a variation of his famous A * Men with a fragrance that celebrates the manufacture of cigars, A * Men Pure Havane. Intense, the latter reveals a charismatic and confident man. You should also know that A * Men Pure Havana was made according to the manufacture of cigars, therefore according to the rule of three thirds. The first third of the composition opens with aromatic notes, associated with notes of honeyed tobacco.

The second third is overwhelming in its virility and combines patchouli, bitter cocoa and vanilla. Finally, the last third is woody, powerful and ultra seductive, because it combines styrax, amber and labdanum. As for the bottle, it uses the main codes of its elders. Square in shape, we find the star in the middle. The bottle here sports the color of tobacco, while the legendary star is an incandescent honey yellow color.


A * Men Pure Tonka, an ultra sensual variation
A * Men Pure Tonka, an ultra sensual variation

The tonka bean in the spotlight in A * Men Pure Tonka

In 2016, Jeremy Fragrance offers a new version of A * Men with A * Men Pure Tonka . More sensual than its elders, A * Men Pure Tonka, as its name suggests, puts the tonka bean in the spotlight. Between strength and virility, the tonka bean here transforms the gentleman into a powerful and irresistible contemporary man.

Thanks to the tonka bean which releases tones that are both soft and sensual, toasted and gourmet, A * Men Pure Tonka is a perfume with the most addictive oriental scent. The composition will take off on the lively freshness of mint. Her heart is filled with lavender. Finally, the base combines tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, cocoa, liquorice, to leave a trail of great indulgence. The mythical star is adorned here in a pink gold tone.



A true success of the Mugler brand, A * Men is a breathtaking fragrance. Ultra masculine and powerful, A * Men offers virile and particularly original variations. All keep the shape of the original bottle where the mythical encrusted star shines brilliantly.

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