The Different Azzaro Perfumes for Her


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Born in Tunisia, Loris Azzaro draws his imagination from the heart of the blue of the Mediterranean and the warm sand. Seductive and sensual, its perfumes are in its image. His first fragrance was created in 1978, Azzaro Pour Homme. The latter is endowed with a virility and an assumed masculinity and his success is then immediate. If the Azzaro brand offered many dazzling and sensual variations, it was not until 2015 that the Azzaro woman also had her own perfume. Like its male version, Azzaro pour Elle combines seduction and refinement.

Azzaro for Her, naturally beautiful

Azzaro for Her, naturally beautiful
Azzaro for Her, naturally beautiful

Azzaro’s sensual and charismatic notes for Her

Regarding the Azzaro pour Elle fragrance, the brand affirms “  The Azzaro woman is a woman who dares… Always a little more, but never too much. Her most glamorous accessory in this case is her perfume… ”. Between luxury and modernity, Azzaro pour Elle plunges us into the heart of a unique olfactory journey, perfectly combining floral, woody and amber tones. Pour Elle is for a sunny woman, full of femininity and sensuality.

The Azzaro woman is a woman who inevitably dares and who will leave behind a trail of the sexiest. The composition signed Nathalie Lorson and Fabrice Pellegrin, soars on ultra sparkling notes and an unexpected accord composed of cardamom, orange and champagne. Then, her heart evolves between magnetism and romanticism thanks to the presence of the Queen of flowers, the rose, associated with the flower of Kings, the lily. Finally, the base is as intense as it is sexy and combines cashmere wood, vanilla and sandalwood.


Azzaro’s heightened sensuality for Elle Intense

Azzaro for Elle Intense, a woman we won’t forget …

Loris Azzaro used to say “A perfume must always exalt your power of seduction. When you wear it, he says, it is important that your partner wants to feel you, to touch you, to be near you… ”. It is with this in mind that the Azzaro brand will unveil Azzaro for Elle Intense , a fragrance that pushes feminine sensuality to its peak. There are no half measures here, and the sensuality of the Azzaro woman for Elle Extrême is as charismatic as it is disturbing. It is the same duo of perfumers who realize this new composition.

It begins with a daring association, namely that of cardamom and saffron, conferring its intensity from the start. Then, her heart is filled with femininity and romanticism thanks to the presence of two majestic flowers, the rose and the lily, associated with the velvety peach. Finally, its heart is particularly sensual and combines cashmere, oud, vanilla, and incense.


Azzaro pour Elle Eau de Toilette, an ode to femininity

Azzaro pour Elle Eau de Toilette, an ode to femininity
Azzaro pour Elle Eau de Toilette, an ode to femininity

Azzaro’s feminine notes for Her

Faced with the success of Azzaro pour Elle, the Azzaro brand presents the Eau de Toilette version. Azzaro Pour Elle Eau de Toilette reinterprets the original spirit of the eau de Perfume, but it is endowed with a feeling of softness and tenderness. The Azzaro woman is glamorous and always so sunny. Totally irresistible, its bottle has been thought of as a real gem, a huge diamond. Its collar is embellished with a multitude of small stones which give a sacred dimension to the fragrance.

Modern and resolutely chic, the bottle is topped with a transparent and silver cap. If the composition takes up the main codes of its elder, the base notes are more languid mainly thanks to the presence of white musks. The heart, meanwhile, is still floral with the romantic presence of the rose.


Like the male version, Azzaro pour Elle is the embodiment of feminine seduction. A new weapon for the Azzaro woman, the Azzaro pour Elle fragrance depicts a woman who is both sexy and sensual and daring. With its jewel bottle, Azzaro pour Elle symbolizes femininity in all its entirety.

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