The different Clarins Lipsticks


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The Clarins house was founded in 1954 with the firm desire to advance the world of beauty to make it more natural. Today, this small company has become a real giant in cosmetics which employs more than 10,000 people and which consistently ranks in the top 10 of the most renowned brands in Europe and Asia in this segment. Clarins is now specialized in four business sectors, namely cosmetics, perfumery, fashion and make-up. So let’s take a closer look at her lipsticks.

The Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins

Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins
Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins

When vinyl lipstick makes your lips shine, Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins is your favorite ally

Since the dawn of time, lipstick has been a woman’s best companion. This colorful tube for our lips has even become a fashion accessory in its own right that does not hesitate to play with the seasons and couture trends to always surprise us a little more.

If glosses and shiny lipsticks had gradually disappeared in favor of softer matte lipsticks with better hold, research in cosmetology has revived shiny lipstick with increasingly extraordinary textures, such as lacquer lipstick or vinyl lipstick.

Thus the Joli Rouge Lacquer Clarins meets a new need, the need to own glossy lips, luscious and vibrant. What’s more, the color palette offered by the Joli Rouge Lacquer range from Clarins offers a wide choice. The most natural colors such as soft Berry ideal for nude makeup or flashier colors highlighting the very trendy vinyl side, as with the Joli Rouge shade, Joli Rouge Lacquer lipsticks adapt to all styles of makeup.

Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins, a lipstick but also a care

In addition to its very wide range of trendy colors, Joli Rouge Lacquer was formulated by one of the brands most concerned with the environment and care, the most natural possible to offer to women, Clarins of course. And the house of Clarins did not hesitate to compose its Joli Rouge Lacquer with a rare concentration of 70% vegetable oils, which allows it this vinyl and shiny effect so luminous.

In addition, Joli Rouge Lacquer contains salicornia in its composition, a natural moisturizer that will take care of your lips by retaining water inside the skin cells. Your lips will be smoothed and softened as and when applications.

Because let’s not forget that for the vinyl effect of your Joli Rouge Lacquer to be perfect, your lips, one of the most sensitive parts of your face, must be perfectly hydrated. Moreover, to maintain the beauty of your lips day after day, do not hesitate to use the repairing lip balm Hydra Essentiel Clarins in addition to your Joli Rouge Lacquer.

The Joli Rouge by Clarins

The Joli Rouge by Clarins
The Joli Rouge by Clarins

Le Joli Rouge, a timeless lipstick from Clarins

The Joli Rouge by Clarins is a beauty essential. Presented in a modern and golden box, it instantly exudes a feeling of luxury and refinement. From then on, it reveals its creamy formula and deposits an intense and satiny color on your lips. This lipstick comes in several different shades, ranging from nude tones to much more extravagant undertones. Thus, it adapts to all your desires and all occasions.

The nourishing formula of Joli Rouge by Clarins

The Joli Rouge de Clarins also benefits from all of the brand’s expertise in cosmetology. Enriched with organic salicornia extract and mango oil, it intensely hydrates your mouth for 6 hours and preserves all its flexibility and comfort. Thanks to him, the lips are nourished. They are more comfortable but also more beautiful every day.

The Joli Rouge Brillant from Clarins

The Joli Rouge Brillant from Clarins
The Joli Rouge Brillant from Clarins

The Joli Rouge Brillant by Clarins, for a mirror shine

The Joli Rouge Brillant from Clarins, as its name suggests, has a brilliant effect. It seems to capture all the glare of light to catch the eye. This result is obtained thanks to a perfect dosage of fine and imperceptible nacres. These are deposited on the lips and make them sparkle with finesse. They multiply the reflection of light for an absolutely dazzling rendering.

Le Joli Rouge Brillant, for supple and comfortable lips

At the same time, the Joli Rouge Brillant preserves all the suppleness of your lips. Its creamy texture brings 6 hours of hydration and comfort to your smile. Much like the classic Joli Rouge, this brilliant formula contains mango butter, a very nutritious ingredient. Thus, the Joli Rouge Brillant acts as a real protective balm.

Le Joli Rouge Velvet de Clarins

The Joli Rouge Velvet by Clarins
Le Joli Rouge Velvet de Clarins

Les 16 couleurs du Joli Rouge Velvet de Clarins

Le Joli Rouge Velvet réinvente l’un des plus célèbres rouges à lèvres de Clarins et nous en révèle la puissance dans une finition mate. Ce rouge à lèvres se décline dans 16 couleurs différentes, allant de nuances rosées à des rouges flamboyants ou à des marrons plus ténébreux. Avec lui, le fini mat préserve néanmoins toute sa luminosité. Sa texture velours glisse sur votre sourire pour une couleur intense et une application facilitée.

Le Joli Rouge Velvet, lorsque couleur et confort ne font plus qu’un

Le Joli Rouge Velvet de Clarins assure également le confort et la souplesse de votre surface cutanée. Il offre 6 heures d’hydratation à votre peau. Pour cela, il contient de l’extrait bio de salicorne, un agent très hydratant, ainsi que de l’abricotier, reconnu pour ses propriétés nutritives.

Comme tous les produits développés par Clarins, les rouges à lèvres de l’enseigne intègrent des formules hautement élaborées, conçues spécifiquement pour prendre soin de votre beauté durablement. Tous les rouges à lèvres de Clarins sont confectionnés dans le plus pur respect de la nature. À la fois tendances, tenaces et glamours, ils possèdent bien des atouts pour faire chavirer votre cœur. Rien d’étonnant alors à ce qu’ils figurent parmi les produits de maquillage les plus plébiscités de la planète…

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