The different Dior Correctors


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Dior is a brand that simply seems eternal. Jean Cocteau, artist of the language of Molière, had seen right. He said in his time that Dior possessed “this genius peculiar to our time, whose magic name combines God and gold”. Today, the elegance of Dior still shines brightly. A true star among the most prestigious brands on the planet, Dior shines in several areas. Today, she is as famous in the world of fashion as in that of perfume, cosmetics and make-up. To enhance your pretty face, Dior invites you to discover its complexion correctors.

The Diorskin Forever Undercover

The Diorskin Forever Undercover
The Diorskin Forever Undercover

Diorskin Forever Undercover, a highly pigmented corrector

Diorskin Forever Undercover is a corrector with a highly pigmented formula. In other words, it is particularly covering and hides all imperfections. In particular, it has a dosage of colored pigments 25% higher than that of conventional correctors. It instantly neutralizes all the small blemishes of your skin as well as the areas of shadows, blood vessels or redness. It immediately makes the face more uniform.

The impeccable outfit of the Diorskin Forever Undercover

The Diorskin Forever Undercover Dior is a correction fluid that covers your skin until 8 pm, whatever the conditions. It does not fear excess sebum or humidity. Despite everything, preserving a certain lightness, it displays remarkable efficiency. Finally, to adapt to all skin types, it is available in 10 different colors.

The Fix It Color by Dior

 The Fix It Color by Dior
The Fix It Color by Dior

Fix It Color, a corrector available in four colors

The Fix It Color is a corrector that acts in a targeted way on your small defects. Therefore, it comes in four different colors, each of which has its own specificity. Blue acts on the yellow color of Asian skin and gives it more radiance. Orange, meanwhile, is intended for more tanned skin and reduces dark spots. Yellow camouflages bluish circles. Finally, green reduces redness and small pimples.

The shine provided by Fix It Color

The Fix It Color also gives more radiance and luminosity to your face. For this, it incorporates soft focus powders in its heart. These blur the texture of the epidermis and fill in fine lines. They act as a real perfecting base.

The Flash Luminizer

The Flash Luminizer
The Flash Luminizer

The Flash Luminizer, a concealer brush

The Flash Luminizerse is a kind of hybrid between the brush and the pen. It offers a more fun and intuitive application. Its format makes it easier to handle and allows you to magnify your face in a single pass. Available in six different colors, it adapts to all skin tones. The Flash Luminizer also has a push button. With a simple gesture of the thumb, it delivers the right dose of product, which greatly facilitates its application.

The fresh and luminous texture of Flash Luminizer

The Dior Flash Luminizer is available in six natural colors that adapt to the skin of all women. These are all enriched with an instant glow. The cool texture of Flash Luminizer provides a pleasant feeling instantly. Smooth and creamy, the Flash Luminizer shapes your skin and brings it more vitality.

Dior Eye Primer

Dior Eye Primer
Dior Eye Primer

Dior Eye Primer, a concealer for the eyes

Dior Eye Primer is a corrector that acts in a more targeted manner. As its name suggests, it is intended specifically for the eye area. It can be used to camouflage dark circles but also as a base for the eyelids. Thus, it improves the adhesion of your makeup and unifies your skin. It makes your eyelid smoother and easier to apply makeup.

The intense and homogeneous color of Eye Primer

L’Eye Primer de Dior vous séduira par sa couleur homogène et très couvrante. Crémeux et ultra léger, il s’agit là d’un produit très agréable à porter. Sachez également que sa formule est enrichie d’un agent lissant, hydratant et fixant. Ainsi, L’Eye Primer préserve votre confort tout en affichant une ténacité exemplaire. Avec lui, aucune retouche n’est nécessaire. L’Eye Primer préserve la netteté de votre maquillage tout au long de la journée.

« Les couturiers incarnent l’un des derniers refuges du merveilleux, écrit Christian Dior dans son autobiographie. Ils sont en quelque sorte des maîtres à rêver et les seuls à pouvoir transfigurer depuis que la marraine de Cendrillon n’existe plus. » Les correcteurs de Dior sont une démonstration de toute la magie qui se cache dans les créations de l’enseigne. En un simple passage, ils ont le don de sublimer votre peau et de dissimuler toutes ses petites imperfections. Ils agissent comme une véritable baguette magique !

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