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The Male On Board, the new mate of Jean-Paul Gaultier


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The Male On Board, the new mate of Jean-Paul Gaultier
The Male On Board, the new mate of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Created in 1995, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier is considered an undisputed bestseller in perfumery. Breaking the codes, it was presented in a bottle in the shape of a male bust, while deploying a very rich oriental and aromatic scent of lavender. Since its release, and on the strength of its success, this perfume for men continues to renew itself. Once again, in 2021, a new variation of its scent is emerging. Jean-Paul Gaultier presents his new foam: Le Mâle On Board!

The Male On Board, who is the new mate of 2021?

The Male On Board by Jean-Paul Gaultier does not hide its belonging to this great scented collection. Moreover, he reappropriates the same maritime universe. Since he is the last to arrive on board, he sets sail for unexplored territory. Whoever wears this perfume is eager for new adventures. Like a modern sailor, he possesses an indomitable energy and an undisputed part of seduction. After all, don’t we say that sailors have a woman in every port? His chest is windswept. His gaze is lost towards the horizon. His daily life is a game and the one who wears this perfume has fun with everything, even splashing!

The very contrasting and refreshing scent of the Male On Board by Jean-Paul Gaultier

As you will have understood, the new mate of Jean-Paul Gaultier is not cold in the eyes and does not go unnoticed! However, this is noticeable even in its perfume. This one seems to contain in itself all the ardor and unpredictability of the seabed. For this, Jean-Paul Gauthier relies on a woody and aromatic alliance. Energy thus mingles with virility. It all starts with an intense freshness of bergamot, for a zesty, citrusy and slightly bitter effect. Then, the geranium takes over, bringing to the whole a more floral, elegant and peppery nuance. Finally, Le Mâle On Board eau de toilette by Jean-Paul Gaultier gradually softens. It is wrapped in a rounder tonka bean. The result is a woody and aromatic trail, capsizing the senses from the first to the last breath.

Let yourself be seduced by the new glass bust of Jean-Paul Gaultier

On the visual side, Le Mâle On Board by Jean-Paul Gaultieris not diametrically opposed to its predecessors. Better yet: it is visually very close to the very first version of the Male. Once again, its glass case takes the form of a male bust. Athletic, this V-shaped body is set on an azure blue hue. To take up one of the brand’s most emblematic codes, white stripes emerge on its upper half, creating a sort of sailor top. The set is presented to us in a tin can as packaging. In a retro and vintage spirit, this container is tinted with blue and a pin-up worthy of the 50s is emerging on its walls. Its name, meanwhile, is inscribed in a sort of window. The Male On Board intends to take you with him on his journey beyond time and borders!

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